Our Family

J&K Restaurants prides itself on being a family run organization that cares about its employees. Like any good family, we have focused hard to ensure that we have structure, boundaries, and expectations of our team laid out properly.

Our Journey

“In any job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and ‘snap’, that job’s a game.” We have tried to live by these words of wisdom from Mary Poppins as we find ways to make our job enjoyable for ourselves and our teams. While there are good days and bad days to any job, this spirit within the company has helped to make serving our teammates and our customers a lively experience.

The Start

It began in 1986 with a vision of the founders to start an organization that fufilled these values above. With a clean sheet of paper and an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders, husband and wife Joe and Kris Nonnamaker, knew what kind of company culture they wanted, but they were not yet sure what type of business they wanted to start.

Why Subway

Owning a building that Subway® wanted to rent, they began an investigation of what was then a small start up brand. Their research turned up that not only did they want to have Subway® as a tenant, they wanted this to be the business with which they started their new vision. The founders were drawn to the 1:1 relationship that the Sandwich Artist built with the customer. While others have tried to copy this model in the years since, Subway® has remained innovative in its build your own sandwich interaction with its guests.

Our Growth

When J&K got involved with the Subway® brand there were less than 1,000 shops in the world. Now there are over 40,000 shops worldwide and Subway® is a leader in providing healthy and delicious choices to customer at a great value. J&K has been proud to continue their growth with the brand.

The Team

The team has been fortunate to still have in the family many of the thirty-plus year team members who have been with the organization since the beginning. As the company grew, both of the founders sons, Will and Wayne, became partners in the business, ensuring long term stability to the organization.

Join With Us and Grow

Through its growth the team has kept its entrepreneurial spirit alive. We have watched many of our team members grow from Sandwich Artists to Regional Directors, Business Consultants, or even Franchisees owning their own shop.

Employment Opportunities

The Family

Family has always been an important aspect of not only the J&K team, but also Subway® as a whole. Across the brands growth around the world, there are many families that have been a part of its growth: